Singapore digest news (17.07-22.07)

Scientists from Singapore have found a way to store data in living DNA

Scientists from the National University of Singapore have developed a technique for storing data in living DNA. A biological version of the BacCam digital camera imprints images into the structure of living cells, labeling them with barcodes for information retrieval.

It is tentatively known that said biological reservoir can hold up to 215 million gigabytes of data in a single gram of material. Under the right conditions, the information can be stored for thousands of years.


Geothermal energy potential found in Singapore

Conducted NTU and TUMCREATE, in collaboration with Surbana Jurong, the study explores the geothermal potential in Singapore and is supported by National Research Foundation, Singapore (NRF) and Energy Market Authority.

After analysing the rock core samples of the underlying rock formation, known as the Simpang granite, and the rock temperatures at different depths, the team extrapolated that the geothermal site at Admiralty Lane could have a temperature of some 200 degrees Celsius at depths of four to five kilometres and deeper. Such high temperatures can be useful for applications such as district cooling, electricity and hydrogen generation.


Singapore avoids recession due to growth in services sector

Singapore’s economy averted a potential recession, posting a gross domestic product growth of 0.7% year-on-year (YoY), on the back of the robust expansion in the services sector, offsetting the contraction in manufacturing.

The services sector rose by 3% YoY, on the back of the wholesale and retail trade, which grew 2.6%.


Singapore passport ranked number one in the ranking of the world's most attractive passports

The Singapore passport has become the most successful passport in the world. With the Singapore passport it is possible to visit 193 countries. China also moved up in the ranking. Chinese can visit 80 countries under visa-free regime.


Foreign minister seeks to expand economic ties with Singapore

Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen has informed his Singaporean counterpart Dr Vivian Balakrishnan that Bangladesh's Special Economic Zones (SEZ) and High-Tech Parks might be lucrative options for Singapore to invest in.

The two countries agreed to accelerate cooperation in the fields of trade, investment, agriculture, agro-processing industry, health and pharmaceuticals, ICT, connectivity, medical diplomacy and so on.