Singapore digest news (18.04 - 22.04)

Photo by Sergey Pronin

Rusmolco CEO discussed the company's development with the Singapore Ambassador and Russian Deputy Minister of Agriculture
Rusmolco CEO Sumanta Kumar De participated in the meeting between the Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore Sadasivan Premjit and the Russian Deputy Minister of Agriculture Sergey Levin. The meeting was held at the Russian Ministry of Agriculture on 1 February.
Sumantha Kumar De spoke about the company's plans and the progress of Rusmolco's investment programme, under which the country's largest closed-cycle farm was launched in 2021. The modern complex for 7,200 dairy cows is located in the Serdobsky District of the Penza Oblast; its construction has created more than 400 jobs in the region. He noted that during the years of Rusmolko's presence in the Penza Region, the company has invested over 28 billion roubles in the Russian agricultural industry.

Singapore and New Zealand decide to tackle climate change together
In talks with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said the new area of cooperation would open up new initiatives in alternative energy transition technologies, sustainable transport and waste management, as well as initiatives in the aviation industry and other areas.
It is indicated that climate change and the green economy will be the fifth pillar of cooperation that the parties agreed on in 2019. The remaining four areas of cooperation include trade and economy, security and defence, technology and innovation, and human exchange.

Singapore scientists have learned how to use plants to remove toxic metals from soil
Research conducted at NTU in Singapore has shown that some tropical plants are excellent at extracting and storing heavy metals that pollute soil. This ability the scientists call phytoremediation.
The scientists analysed the phytoremediation potential of 46 plants growing in Singapore and found that 12 of them do an excellent job. These plants absorb heavy metals and metalloids with their stems, which are known to be very toxic to humans and animals. These toxic metals include cadmium, arsenic, lead and chromium.
The researchers are now planning to conduct field trials using the selected plants on land in Singapore with high concentrations of heavy metals. They are also looking into the use of inorganic particles that may help the plants absorb heavy metals more quickly, thereby speeding up the remediation process.

Singapore donates $100,000 to Sri Lanka for medicines
The Singapore government will contribute $100,000 as an initial contribution to support the Singapore Red Cross (SRC)'s efforts to raise funds for vulnerable sections of society in Sri Lanka.
According to the agency, Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the move will enhance the SRC's capacity to meet its previous commitments.

China and Singapore sign 30 cooperation projects worth $1.82 billion
A total of 30 cooperation projects worth $1.82 billion have been signed under the China-Singapore (Chongqing) Demonstration Initiative for Strategic Connectivity, Xinhua news agency reported on April 11.
The projects include finance, information and communication, transport and logistics and training, according to a meeting of the China-Singapore Connectivity Initiative implementation committee. The projects include two related to intergovernmental cooperation, 20 commercial cooperation projects worth $250 million and eight cross-border financing projects worth $1.57 billion.

Singapore and Australia sign fintech agreement
An Australian-Singapore financial and technical bridge agreement to strengthen cooperation between the fintech ecosystems of both countries has been signed by the Australian Ministry of Finance and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), The Fintech Times reported on 17 April.
The Australian fintech industry is estimated to grow from A$250 million ($185 million) in 2015 to A$4 billion ($3 billion) by 2021. Meanwhile, Singapore's fintech ecosystem is now home to about 1,400 venture capital firms developing IT solutions for the financial industry, with equity funding rising to $3.9bn in 2021.

New sports and leisure complex to open in Singapore
As part of initiatives to help rebuild tourism after the pandemic, a unique sports and entertainment complex, Trifecta by the Ride Slide, will open in Singapore in 2023.
An amazing multipurpose centre for extreme sports enthusiasts, Trifecta will be located on Orchard Road in close proximity to Somerset Skate Park and will offer four sporting activities under one roof.
Created by Singapore-based adventure sports company The Ride Side, the complex will be the first in Asia to feature a snowboarding and skiing area in snow-covered mountains recreated with virtual reality. The skiing arena will feature high-tech mountain scenery and high-speed simulations. Later on, an ultramodern surfing pool with artificial wave and the world's first hybrid bowl for professional skateboarding will also open here.

Singapore unveils symbolic archway to celebrate friendship with New Zealand
A symbolic Maori carved doorway was unveiled at the entrance to the Gardens at Cloud Bay Forest in Singapore by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister of Singapore Indrani Raja on April 19, The Straits Times reported.
The three-part sculpture is made from a totara tree from the central North Island's Pureora Forest, which is estimated to be more than 2,500 years old and which fell naturally in the forest during a major storm. The carvings depict Tane, the personification of the sun, and Hina, the personification of the moon.