Singapore digest news (25.04-25.09)

Photo by Sergey Pronin

Singapore lifts covid restrictions
From 26 April in Singapore:
- The limit on the number of people in a group disappears;
- QR codes TraceTogether and SafeEntry will only apply to large events (500+ people), nightclubs and F&B venues;
- social distancing measures (marking across the seat, metre markings in shops) will be abolished;
- all employees can return to their offices and be there without a mask if they do not have direct contact with their colleagues
- vaccinated travellers will be able to enter the country without a PCR test.

Singapore scientists have identified a gene that fights tuberculosis
1.5 million people still die from tuberculosis every year. A recent study by Singapore scientists has identified a gene that helps the human immune system fight tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases.

20 promising start-ups from Singapore
The city-state of Singapore has been called the innovation hub of Asia, with its high GDP, extremely low unemployment and easy business environment. The Singapore Business Review has compiled a selection of the country's most promising startups, with 8 of the 20 being financial technology projects.

A masterpiece journey: inspired by Singapore's architecture
When we say 'open-air museum', it's often an exaggeration, but not in the case of Singapore, one of the world's most beautiful cities. The architecture of the Lion City is unique in its harmonious juxtaposition of colonial-era heritage, ethnic neighbourhoods and futuristic designs. Immerse yourself in the man-made wonders.

Singapore's Chinese Garden opens soon after renovation
The famous Chinese Garden in Singapore is set to open at the end of this year after a lengthy refurbishment. The authors of the project promise that most of its features and familiar landmarks will be preserved and improved, since they preserve special memories primarily for Singaporeans themselves. The landform structure, location of water bodies, scenic views, gardens and ambience will remain intact, but new elements will certainly be added, including the latest gardening and landscaping trends.