RSPlast took part in the largest 3D printing festival in Russia 3Dtoday Fest

Photo by Fedor Iatsevich 

On September 24, 2022, RSPlast team participated in annual 3Dtoday Fest - a 3D printing festival with enthusiasts and 3D technology professionals. The team placed their exhibit with many attractive projects.

RSBC Engineering and Production Center has launched a line of modern materials and equipment for 3D printing - RSPlast. This solution served as an example of the implementation of contract manufacturing within the international cooperation.

Since early morning, visitors of all ages - both adults and children - gathered in the exhibition area near the RSPlast booth and expositions. Projects made with the use of 3D printing technology: cosplay props, robotics, household products, toys, and many other things caused admiration among fans of 3D technology. RSPlast team shared with their visitors useful tips on 3D modeling, designing 3D printed items and drawing with 3D pens.

As the newest project on the Russian market, RSPlast is distinguished by its innovative approaches to meet the changing needs of its customers, the use of high-quality 3D printing equipment and software, an experienced team of experts, and fast service without sacrificing quality. What makes it special is the simple three-step workflow that ensures efficiency and saves time.

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