RSBC took part in several business sessions of the EEF

Russia-Singapore Business Council (RSBC), established in 2009 on the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation to develop business contacts and mutually beneficial cooperation between business communities of Russia and Southeast Asian countries, took part in the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF), which was held on Russky Island in Vladivostok. This year’s business agenda: “The Trend Toward a Multipolar World”.

The RSBC participated in numerous business programs that included high-profiled events on the most topical issues of the global and regional agenda.

On September 6, 2022, the Chairman of RSBC Nikolay Volobuev spoke at the session “Russia – ASEAN” which focused on topical issues of cooperation between the Far East regions of Russia and the member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

During his speech, Mr. Volobuev spoke about the work of RSBC in terms of strengthening economic, political and cultural relations between Russia and the Southeast Asian countries.

“It creates tools and expands opportunities through which our enterprises interact more actively with each other. Inter alia, on the initiative of the Council an executive structure called RSBC has been created in Moscow and Singapore, and there are also representative offices in the Russian regions, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the Middle East,” said Nikolay Volobuev.

Separately N. Volobuev noted the efficiency of the international multilingual information and service platform RSTrade that unites more than 100 thousand companies. Mr. Volobuev also stressed the importance of the Singapore-based Foreign Promotion Center of Russian high-tech companies and presentation of investment projects that even during the lockdown “has significantly expanded its functionality and nowadays works in the format of a project office on a number of international projects”.

On the same day, September 6, 2022, “The International Commercial Arbitration Court as Tools to Protect the Rights of Participants in Foreign Economic Activity in the Asia-Pacific Region” business session with the participation of Mr. Volobuev was held. He delivered an introductory speech.

According to Nikolay Volobuev, Russia is guided by long-term interests when determining its place in the Asia-Pacific Region. “We are not just seeking to attract foreign investment to the Russian Far East in the interests of its prosperity, but in general we intend to develop international economic cooperation and, what is more important – make it mutually beneficial.”

The closing event of the forum’s second day the Chairman of RSBC took part in was the business session of the Government of Moscow entitled “International Cooperation: Economy of Opportunities. Experience of Moscow and the constituent entities of the Russian Federation”.

Participants discussed the current economic situation, collaborative work with foreign partners in the new geopolitical situation and the investment climate for foreign business.

“There is a huge potential for cooperation between Moscow, as one of the world's leading regional innovation infrastructures, with industry and international business. The most promising areas are high-tech solutions in the field of communications, information technology and security,” said N. Volobuev during his speech.

On September 7, on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum, “Strategic Technology Alliances: A New Imperative for Business Cooperation in Eurasia” business session was held. One of the speakers was Nikolay Volobuev, the Chairman of RSBC.

In recent months, the depth and intensity of our country's business relations with partners in the East has grown considerably. The imperative for many countries of Greater Eurasia, as well as for Russia, is to build a mutual technological and economic space that will contribute to the creation of platform solutions capable of competing with leading global corporations.

As N. Volobuev noted, under the fundamental transformation of the geopolitical and economic landscape the Russian economy is facing an unprecedented task in terms of complexity and scale – to create a fundamentally new economic model for the country's development.

“The development of digital solutions displaying all stages and participants of the logistics process in a mutual online platform will have the greatest potential in the sphere of freight transportation within Eurasia,” added the Chairman of RSBC.

Speaking about the approach to structuring new production and logistics chains, the Chairman of  RSBC N. Volobuev mentioned the digital information and service B2B Platform RSTrade as an example.

“Multilingual and multicurrency, this platform is actively promoted by the Council in the EAEU, ASEAN, China and India as the system for smart search of suppliers of goods and services in the relevant databases, project management and end-to-end documentary support of the entire life cycle of goods or services,” - said Mr. Volobuev, the Chairman of RSBC, in his speech.

On the final day of the EEF, September 8, there was a working meeting of the RSBC representatives with the leadership of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Primorsky Krai. The participants appreciated the role of CCI and RSBC in establishing business relations between Russian and Asian business communities.

The Deputy Chairman - Executive Director of RSBC Sergey Pronin took part in the event in the online format.As a reminder, the event was held via the teleconference Vladivostok – Singapore (at the site of the Foreign Promotion Center of Russian high-tech companies and the presentation of investment projects).

According to Sergey Pronin, Chambers of Commerce and Industry unite the whole range of Russian businesses – from small businesses to large concerns, industrial and financial groups. One of the main objectives of the CCI is to assist Russian entrepreneurs in establishing business relationships with foreign partners. “RSBC, established under the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation(CCI), for 13 years of active work has formed an efficient infrastructure of presence in the Asia-Pacific Region, and is ready to provide maximum assistance to the business communities of Primorye in solving objectives formulated at the EEF on the development of the region,” - said S. Pronin in his speech.

The Eastern Economic Forum, therefore, has once again demonstrated its efficiency and relevance among officials, business communities and experts from Russia and the Asia-Pacific Region. Forum participants actually opened not just a new business season, but also a new chapter in the development of relations between Russia and the Asia-Pacific countries.