Exciting movies, famous actors and storm of applause: RSBC is about to open the most grand event of the autumn - the 4th Russian Film Week

Russia-Singapore Business Council (RSBC) and the National program "Within the family" annually hold Russian Film Week. This year, the main event of the fall will be held between 1st  November till the 3rd November 2022 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

For the first Russian Film Week, the intergovernmental high-level Russia-Singapore Commission decided to hold the event on the annual basis. The event is traditionally accompanied by success, arousing great interest among foreign audience and guests of the country, receiving extensive coverage in the local media. It is expected, that more than a thousand people will attend this year the official opening ceremony and film screenings.

"The Fourth Russian Film Week aims to popularise Russian cinema among international audience. Russian Film Week is designed to promote a positive image of Russia abroad and the traditional values of the Russian people, as well as to establish cultural ties between Russia and the countries of the Asia-Pacific region," said Nikolay Volobuev, the Chairman of RSBC.

The opening ceremony of the IV Russian Film Week will be held on November 1 at the largest cinema of Kuala Lumpur TGV Suria KLCC, which hosts the world and Malaysian cinema premiers. In Malaysia, the opening ceremony will involve representatives of Russian and Asian authorities, cultural institutions, media and business.

Traditionally Russian Film Week program will consist not only of film screenings, but also of cultural and business programs. The event will include official ceremonies, numerous interviews and informal meetings. Russian actors and directors will talk about how the films they represent were created and what impact they had on the audience and on the fate of the actors. One of the actors and guests of the Russian Film Week, who will make a speech and talk about his role in one of the films, will be the Russian film actor Ivan Dobronravov. 

All films presented during the IV Russian Film Week are contemporary films. The repertoire is represented by the following films: "Eleven Silent Men" (2022, directed by Alexey Pimanov, Ekaterina Pobedinskaya), "Everything is allright" (2021, directed by Elena Hazanova), "Son of a rich" (2019, directed by Klim Shipenko), "The big deal" (2019, directed by Mikhail Raskhodnikov), "From grief to joy" (2020, directed by Eduar Parri).

The Fourth Russian Film Week will present all the genre diversity of Russian cinematography from sports dramas to good family comedies with Russian humor. Adventures, comedies, melodramas - on the theme of family, intergenerational understanding, bringing up children and much more, these are movies that are interesting to watch and discuss with the whole family.

The schedule of film screenings can be found on the official page of the event.

It is worth noting that the IV Russian Film Week opening ceremony and film screenings will also be broadcast in Singapore in the Foreign Promotion Center of Russian high-tech companies and presentation of investment projects. In mid-November within the IV Russian Film Week, there will be a screening of "Eleven Silent Men" at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Singapore to which our partners from the diplomatic community and representatives of the Singapore authorities will be invited.

We invite you to attend the Fourth Russian Film Week to watch and discuss the outstanding Russian cinema projects, from which the soul rejoice and the heart aches. We are confident that the events will arouse the interest and enthusiasm of the Malaysian, Singaporean and Russian audiences, contributing to mutual understanding and respect between the nations, cultural understanding and trust.

The IV Russian Film Week in Malaysia will take place from November 1 to 3, 2022.
You can book a ticket for the film for yourself, family and friends here.

There will also be a discussion chat available for viewers in our Telegram channel.