Singapore digest news (26.06-01.07)

Olympic Esports Week concludes in Singapore

The inaugural Olympic Esports Week (OEW) concluded in Singapore on Sunday, marking the end of the finals for the 2023 Olympic Esports Series.

The finals saw over 130 players competing in 10 virtual sports, encompassing archery, baseball, chess, cycling, dance, motorsport, sailing, shooting, taekwondo, and tennis.


$1.4b life sciences and innovation cluster unveiled in science park rejuvenation

CapitaLand Group (CapitaLand) announced the “Geneo” life sciences and innovation cluster in the 55-hectare Singapore Science Park (SSP). Geneo is composed of three properties with five state-of-the-art sustainable buildings at various stages of completion, which will offer about 180,600 square metres (sq m) of gross floor area (GFA) with work-live-play elements when fully completed in 2025.


Hainan teams up with Singapore-Hong Kong partnership to create investor center in Sanya

The Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) of Sanya (Hainan Province) and the Singapore-Hong Kong trade and industry partnership have established a business cooperation center for investor companies. That's according to the Sanya Daily newspaper.

The Sanya Center for Cooperation between Hainan, Hong Kong and Singapore, as commented by its founders, will promote international trade and economic cooperation. Its key task is to strengthen regional investment ties. It is expected to become an important platform that will stimulate multilateral efforts in all sectors.


Singtel’s net-zero goal to be brought forward to 2045 from 2050

Singapore Telecommunications (Singtel) declared that it reduced energy consumption, improved energy efficiency, and increased the proportion of electricity consumption to accomplish its green targets. It also converted 30% of its Singapore fleet to EVs. Solar photovoltaics systems totalling 1.38MWp across four of our locations in Singapore and retired 55,450 renewable energy certificates across Singapore.


Singapore’s durian lovers rejoice as prices tumble on surplus

Singaporeans love durians. And this year, the spiky and pungent fruit is in such abundance that it can be found in claw machines, giving enthusiasts a chance to catch one for just a dollar.

Even with demand staying high, premium varieties like Musang King were selling for as cheap as S$3 a kilogramme earlier this month. “This is the lowest price I’ve ever seen,” said Sam Tan, executive director of MAPC, a major durian supplier. “Typically, a Musang King will go at S$12 to S$13 per kilogramme,” said Tan, who’s also president of the Malaysia Durian Exporters Association and has been in the industry for 12 years.