IV Russian Film Week in Malaysia
Films of IV Russian Film Week

Place of movie screenings:
TGV Suria KLCC Hall 8
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Dear colleagues, thank you very much for the excellent organization of the Russian Cinema Week in Singapore. You have provided a unique opportunity to immerse into the atmosphere of Russian cinema and get an unforgettable experience !!! Bravo.
Iuliia Dolgunova
We are so happy to be invited for so great event. We had a great opportunity to be involved in Russian movie culture and were very impressed. Please have the same event next year.
Vivian Low
Thank you so much again for the invitation to the opening of the Russian Film Festival yesterday. I really enjoyed “ Son of a Rich”. It was a good comedy film but I felt some melancholy.
I wish you a great success of the festival.
Toru Furugori
I totally enjoyed it! Entered the hall with popcorns n Russian sweets nicely provided at each seats - they were yummy!! The premier was great, everyone was very excited! The movie was very funny - better than expected actually! I enjoyed it a lot!! Hope to see more of it again! Again thanks for the free tickets!! It was an amazing night
Clover Chong
Gallery from III Russian Film Week
Place of movie screenings:
TGV Suria KLCC Hall 8