VI Russia-Singapore Business Dialogue

VI Russia-Singapore Business Dialogue

Programme of Russia-Singapore Business Dialogue (December 17, 2021)

Business Forum “Russia-Singapore Business Dialogue” is annually arranged at the initiative of the Russia-Singapore Business Council with the support of the Rostec State Corporation.
In the face of the pandemic Business Dialogue will be held in hybrid format - at the Foreign Promotion Center of Russian High-Tech Companies and Presentation of Investment Projects in Singapore and via videoconference between Singapore and Russia.
The main purpose of the business dialogue is to further develop economic cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Singapore and to improve mutual access to markets for goods, services and investment, especially in the area of digital and innovative technologies.
The main themes for the agenda include the presentation of competences for Russia- Singapore high-tech companies and startups, strengthening engineering and production through international cooperation, contract manufacturing, digital technologies, driving decarbonization solutions, challenges for optimizing import-export logistic distribution, and trade finance instruments.
Within the framework of the Business Dialogue there will be cross-presentations of investment projects of Russian regions and Asian trust funds, the technology fair, cultural and educational part, the youth session.
VI Russia-Singapore Business Dialogue
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Opening ceremony of the VI Russia-Singapore Business Dialogue

Welcome speech: Chairman of the Russia-Singapore Business Council, Nikolay Volobuev

Plenary Session “Driving towards Decarbonization”

Ministry of Trade and Industry MTI

Industrial biotechnologies and pharmaceuticals. New solutions as a response to global challenges.
Maps of the future. The main development trends by 2030.
Innovation as a complex response to challenges. Necessary conditions for the implementation of innovation policy.
Industrial biotechnologies and pharmaceuticals, key growth points.
The role of international cooperation in the new conditions.

Plenary Session “Strengthening Engineering and Production through International Cooperation, Contract Manufacturing and Digital Technologies”


Creation of distributed international engineering and production centers based on industry associations.
Optimization of production through global resource allocation and cost management.
Technology Competence Centers (Singapore).
Innovative production technologies (Factory of Future) (Singapore).

Plenary Session "Challenges for Optimizing Import-Export Distribution, and Trade Finance Instruments"

Insurance companies
E-commerce (service platforms).
Big data analysis and management, cyber security.
Bank and financial instruments in international trade, cross-border settlements and interbank cooperation.
Insurance instruments in international trade.
Trust funds (investments and asset management).